20 Best Website Designs for Constructions Business in 2022

20 Best Website Designs for Constructions Business in 2023

A website is more crucial than ever if you run a construction company. Having a website enables prospective clients to discover more about your business, see examples of your work, and get in touch with you quickly. In addition, having a website can help you rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), which can increase your website’s traffic and sales.

Why Do You Need an Appropriate Website Design for Construction?

Your company’s online presence ought to be just as significant as its physical presence. Customers and businesses expect to be able to obtain all the information they require online. New customers may be switching to your competition with a good website if your company can’t keep up. A good website design for construction should be professional, simple to use, and able to turn visitors into customers. After all, in most circumstances, that is the business’s objective. Here we have a list of the top 20 best website designs for construction businesses in 2023.

Top Best 20 Website Designs for Construction in 2023

1. Hill Construction Co.

Hill Construction Website

The homepage of Hill Construction Co.’s website will quench your desire for luxury, but they are purposefully kept to a minimum. Each image has the text “your partner in luxury homebuilding” in the middle.

You can only learn more about Hill Construction Co. by leaving the homepage. Their online portfolio offers a feature-rich style and is beautifully structured. The predesign, pre-construction, construction, and post-construction phases of their construction process are all covered on one of their website’s better approach pages.

2. Millennium Partners

Sometimes it’s best to create certain mental images in people’s minds, like a building company where the design options are virtually endless. In the instance of Millennium Partners, they are exceptional at this. By reviewing their website, you can tell what kind of construction-focused motif they’re going for.

The website’s background is a beautiful photograph of a city at sunset. Millennium Partners has updated its homepage along with a link to its about page, a review of its properties, and more prominent city images. Although their website lacks menus, Millennium Partners makes it straightforward to view the properties they’ve worked on by including links to the web pages of the present structures.

3. Toll Brothers

Toll Brothers Website

The Toll Brothers website is a contemporary WordPress-themed website that welcomes you with a rotating exhibition of some of the wealthiest residences in the world.

Scroll below the fold so Toll Brothers can stop bragging about themselves (the content displayed on the page before scrolling). For instance, they point out that they have appeared on FORTUNE Magazine’s list of the five most admired companies in the world throughout the past five years. You’re almost positive that Toll Brothers is the best choice for you by the time you reach this phase.

4. Skyline Construction

Skyline Website

Website designs with boxes look amazing, thanks to Skyline! A high conversion rate is required for this website. Take note of how they employ the colour yellow to draw your attention to their CTAs, which is exactly what they want! There are several CTAs all over the place, but they don’t feel as evident due to the boxed layout. The website also seems to be quite user-friendly.

5. Codus Construction

Codus Construction Website

An English and Welsh-based construction company is called Codus Construction. Their homepage immediately catches the eye because it features a fantastic portfolio example. Online portfolios are no longer restricted to a single field or sector. More than ever, having a professional online existence is essential, and having an online portfolio will unquestionably increase your exposure and presence.

What we love about this web design is the excellent menu design and fantastic background images. There are a lot of whitespaces on the website, which makes it easy to navigate and easy on the eyes.

6. Luxury Simplified

On their main page, you can see a series of short videos showcasing the beautiful Charleston area. Continue scrolling to see the simple yet attractive house illustrations. A few dashes of colour brighten the black-on-white artwork, accompanied by a delicate paragraph of writing.

This aesthetically appealing website design for construction has quite a contemporary theme and good use of visually stunning fonts. The website seems to be very organized with appropriate divisions.

7. Wales Built

Wales Built Website

Wales Built is, as the name suggests, in Wales. Their homepage is jam-packed with great portfolio examples and motivational testimonials! One of the most acceptable ways to get a review of Sydney master builders is to solicit feedback from previous customers. Customer testimonials from Wales Built provide feedback on our services and results. Their assessment of the entire process speaks for itself. While there are a lot of whitespaces, menu typography is spot on, and the overall website design for construction is elegant.

8. Taylor Lane

Taylor Lane Website

Taylor Lane’s website is beautifully designed, with strong calls to action and stunning visuals highlighting the construction firm’s diverse portfolio. The website is simple to use and fully responsive.

9. Brito Construction

Brito Construction Website

Brito Construction is a well-established Texas firm based in the Rio Grande Valley. The colours pop out of the screen, giving the overall design a dynamic appearance. The colours are vibrant and saturated, giving the design a youthful feel! Vibrant colours provide enough contrast, which aids in readability and legibility. The website’s layout fundamentals become distinguishable and noticeable as a result of the contrast.

10. Apex Transformations

Apex Transformations Website

Apex Transformations is a Toronto-based renovation company dedicated to improving homes and workplaces. This website provides viewers with a bold yet elegant design. I like how the black background draws attention to the texts and images! Black backgrounds are both effective and powerful. Black is a low-energy colour because it absorbs all light. It helps provide plenty of “white space” on large screens without creating a blinding glare.

11. Sweenor Builders

Sweenor Builders Website

This is an ideal website design for construction because Sweenor Builders display their past project in bright, colourful, large images that can be clicked on their website, which is clean and easy to navigate. You can then absorb more about each property, including videos of the construction process in some cases.

12. Hutchinson Builders

Hutchinson Builders Website

They have a good social media feed here, which makes it easier to interact. The construction website is linked to their social media handles and perfectly displays their images.

13. Acciona

Acciona Website

Acciona is a global construction firm with a fantastic website. Their background images are sharp and motivating. By scrolling down, you’ll find all the information you need to take the next step in the customer journey. Accio sustainably conducts business, contributing to the long-term development of society and the planet. Motivating for sure!

14. Linesight

Linesight Website

They cover program management, project management, project controls, cost management, supply chain management, health and safety, consultancy, and procurement services on Linesight’s construction website. Each category is distinguished by a clickable icon and a small image, making it the perfect website design for construction.

15. Matt Construction

Matt Construction Website

Matt Construction is a Los Angeles-based company. It’s no secret that individuals today prefer to watch rather than read; it’s human nature. The good news is that the designer of this website decided to include a great background video highlighting the size of their projects. Looking at their previous projects, it’s clear they’re up for anything. Great work!

16. Contech Engineered Solutions

Contech Engineered Solutions Website

Contech has a well-designed construction website with a detailed breakdown of the company’s construction activities. Visitors to the website can request pricing and begin a project. The website also includes some video clips and an active blog with blog posts on technical construction and engineering issues.

17. Harper Construction

Harper Construction Website


Harper Construction is a San Diego-based construction company. They provide the best value in building services by assigning experienced construction professionals to each project. Their website is one of the most aesthetically pleasing I’ve ever seen. Above the fold is a slick background image, but as you scroll down, everything is minimalistic and pleasing to the eye. Make this example your inspiration to expand your audience reach!

18. Chelsea Construction Company

Chelsea Construction Company Website

Chelsea Construction Company is headquartered in – surprise! – London. Their homepage includes a nice image slider with previous projects displayed. Furthermore, their primary menu is very clean, making the website easy to navigate. You can’t deny that internet users don’t read every word on your website, so the designer did an amazing job considering that.

19. S C Cox

S C Cox Website

S C COX is a Yelverton-based construction company. Their homepage immediately catches the eye with an eye-catching background image and a clear headline. While scrolling down their website, they added some smooth scrolling animations that make the site feel ‘alive.’ Their animation increases the site’s interest and encourages more shares and visits.

20. Maple Leaf Construction

Maple Leaf Construction Website

This website design for construction welcomes you with a large image of Maple Leaf Construction’s logo. By showcasing its portfolio and projects, the construction company emphasizes its construction strategies. They also prioritize connection with their existing and potential clients, urging you to reach out and communicate with them on other social media apps as well.

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