10 inspiring and creative interior design logo ideas for you

10 Inspiring and Creative Interior Design Logo Ideas for You

If you visit an interior design website whose logo is not well designed or whose website design is boring, you will never take a step further to explore it, let alone make a purchase. An aesthetic and creative interior design logo is essential for a solid reputation in the industry. Likewise, website designs are essential for the digital presence of any brand. You understand the importance of good branding and word of mouth with a good logo. Some interior design companies prefer simple and aesthetic logos, whereas others prefer timeless logos.

If you are an interior designer, you may have realized how important branding is. The business cards, social media presence, website, and everything establishes your brand. The one common thing all of them display is the brand’s logo.

Every interior designer, at one point, gets bombarded with lots of interior design logo ideas but fails to translate them. With tech advancements, multiple free logo makers, templates, ready-to-use logos, and similar interior design logo ideas and samples are available online. However, a custom logo design beats them all. Especially in the design world, a well thought logo and website design make the brand stand out.

What Makes A Good Interior Design Logo?

Before going any further, we need to understand what makes a good and creative interior design logo. A custom-made logo is a way to go because you can design it to represent your work style. Your specialization in interior design, be it modern, contemporary, or opulent, the logo must compliment your interior design style. Otherwise, the customers will believe that a designer is a non-aesthetic person. Always try to replicate the brand’s personality, your personality, taste, style of work, and aesthetic preference in the interior design logo to embark on success.

We have compiled some interior design logo ideas for you to inspire.

1. Xavier Van Lil

Xavier Van Lil’s style is simple yet elegant in interior and exterior design. His interior design logo is designed by Hoet and Hoet agency. The logo’s symmetry is perfect with a horizontal X, a vertical V, and a transverse L. The logo is minimal and contemporary, just like his designs.

2. Cobalt and Copper

The Cobalt and Copper logo is perfection. Its interior design logo has two mirrored C’s geometrically displayed. The logo is colored in metallic copper synced with the name. The choice of color also plays homage to the warm-toned and metallic interior offered by the company.

3. Rehab Nabil

rehab nabil logo design

Rehab Nabil’s love for squares can be seen through the logo of the designer’s brand. The logo is designed using the architect’s initials enclosed in a square. The logo exudes a high-end and professional vibe positively.

4. Sierra Interiors

Sierra Interiors specializes in window accessories and decoration. The logo has a classic serif wordmark with a four-paned window. The silhouette of tied curtains can also be seen in the window. The designer has used a warm brown color tone to give a traditional and versatile look to the logo design.

5. Julia Longchamps

The beautiful monogram of Julia Longchamps’ interior design logo perfectly defines ‘less is more.’ The typography is in plain serif. The colors used are neutral-toned, adding to the simplicity.

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6. 7 Curve Design Studio

7 curve design studio

The 7 Curve Design studio interior logo may seem simple at first glance. If you look closely, the designer has given it a subtle artistic touch while keeping it simple and recognizable. The company’s name ‘7 Curve’ is included in a brilliant way to make it stand out. The number 7 in the logo has its longer arm curved. The rest of the wordmark is in a sans-serif font. The color palette is monochrome. This interior design logo is a perfect example of minimalist design.

7. Alexandrea Rose

This interior design logo uses two types of typography. The wordmark Alexandrea Rose is in a classic serif font, and the wordmark interior design is in a playful font to give it an artistic and feminine touch. The monogram AR is enclosed in a circle to reflect the retro style.

8. Defiance Concepts

The interior design logo of Defiance Concepts is neo-modern, just like the home decorating services they provide. The logo gives avant-garde vibes, reflecting the company’s motto of breaking traditional decoration barriers and bringing innovation to interior design. The company name is written in lowercase letters; the monogram is designed to make it look like a room structure.

9. Gray House

The concept behind Gray House’s logo is simple, it offers interior design services as well as ready-made furniture options. Hence, the logo is designed in two ways to show versatility. The complete wordmark logo is designed on a dark green background to be printed on the packaging, labels, and business cards. The alternate logo is designed as a simple monogram with a neutral base.

10. Laura Corcoran Interiors

Laura Corcoran Interiors’ logo is very feminine to reflect the gender and style of the designer. The logo is outlined with a house roof slope to tell the viewer that it has something to do with houses; the fern branch in the logo shows that the brand is about designing and decorating. These small details only pop up if you look a little longer but speak volumes about this design’s effort. The typography is very delicately put on a pinkish background.

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Plan Your Own Interior Design Website

If you are an interior designer and are looking for a graphic designer to design your website and a perfect logo, your goal should be to create a long-lasting first impression. Keep everything simple to attract people and make the website easy to navigate. Minimal design and layout are a forever favorite for people. The most important thing is to reflect your skill set in the logo and website. Arturo Back Office has a brilliant team of graphic designers with the capability and skill set to match the aesthetic of every client. Get in touch with us to see the versatility in our portfolio. We guarantee that ABO is at the top of the game in design and never disappoints its clients.