Find out How to Add Animation to a Video in iMovie on Mac

Find out How to Add Animation to a Video in iMovie on Mac

Before we get into the details of how to add animation to a video in iMovie, one must understand the reason behind such additions. It’s key to note what impact it creates on a video. They can be used as full-screen transitions between shots or as an immediate effect to draw attention to a specific event taking place in the scene. They have an alpha or translucent layer that lets you place them directly on top of your scene. Understanding the upgrade and development in the quality of video shooting and editing, we must also keep up with the current trends. However, not everyone can have the same capital to invest in expensive software or paid tools. This article will share how to add animation to a video in iMovie free of cost.

How to Create Graphics in Canva?

How to Create Graphics in Canva

Use Canva, a free visual design tool, to generate graphics and icons if you don’t already have them. After signing into a Canva account, which you can create for free, click the blue “make a design” button on the top left side of the laptop/computer screen, followed by the option to “Instagram post.” Choose a design as per your shape and size requirements. Next, select “Elements” from the menu on the left and use the search bar to look for the icon type you want.

Once you’ve customized your graphics to look precisely how you want them to, click the downward-pointing arrow in the top right corner to save them to your computer. Be sure the file type is PNG. Simply click “download” if you don’t mind that this white background or whatever colour your background is shown on your video. But you must select the “transparent background” checkbox before downloading if you want this white background to be truly transparent so that the graphics cover whatever you show in the video. As a result, you will see there is nothing in the backdrop of your symbols.

For Example

Let’s imagine, a vlogger wants to design icons that will make the YouTube and bell icons appear when he/she says, “Make sure to subscribe and press the bell.” On the second page, search for the bell and select the icon that displays an alarm bell sound. Finally, search for YouTube and select the first icon that appears. Using the colour picker at the top, one can choose a different colour for these icons to match their identity or leave them as it is.

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How to Add Animation to a Video in iMovie

How to Add Animation to a Video in iMovie

Steps to Follow

You may now use Keynote to animate your graphics after downloading them. You may either choose Keynote from the list of applications in the Finder menu bar or use the search bar to launch the spotlight search. Enter some text in Keynote and click the app to launch it. Choose “file” from the top menu, followed by “new.” Select the “white presentation” option from the “wide” presentation themes by clicking the “select” button.

You can remove the two visible text boxes and add the graphics that Canva has made. To achieve this, select the Canva graphics by clicking on “insert,” “choose,” and then “insert.” You can resize and reposition them to give them the appearance and arrangement you choose.

Place each one in the document’s upper corners.

Click on the graphic you wish to move first, then select “animate” from the menu in the top right corner to move it. Select “add an effect” where it says “built-in,” and then pick the effect of your choosing from the list of alternatives. You can also lengthen or shorten the effect’s duration since you may specify which effect will display first under the order.

You must save the dynamic presentation with a transparent background, just like you did with the visuals created in Canva. To do this, choose “format” from the menu in the upper right corner of the screen, then under “background,” change “colour fill” to “no fill.” As you can see, doing that simply indicates that there is no backdrop because the background will turn black. It is transparent, to put it another way.

Click on “file,” “export to,” and then choose “movie” whenever you are satisfied with the animation of your graphics and want to save it to your computer. Click on “custom” next to “resolution” and then choose “Apple pro res 4444.” This will allow us to save the animation with a translucent background, much like when we save photographs as PNG. Next, save the presentation with your animated visuals by clicking the button.

Now you incorporate your animations into the video in iMovie. You may either use the search tool in the menu up top to open the spotlight search or navigate to Finder, Applications and then select iMovie to launch the application. To open the software, click on iMovie and begin typing. To add animated graphics to a video clip, open iMovie and select “make new,” “movie,” and “import media files.” This will import both the video clip and the animated graphics.

Drag and drop the video clip, followed by the animated graphics, onto the working area. Your animated visuals will start playing as soon as you press “play.” Drag the animated visuals to start and end exactly when you want them to, and shorten the tape if you believe it’s too long.


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