graphic design for fashion industry the art of enticement

Graphic Design for Fashion Industry: The Art of Enticement

Have you ever gone crazy after the launch of a new fashion brand or drooled over the visually appealing and trendy images of a fashion week? If you are fashion savvy person, you surely have gone through this. Who doesn’t like going through the fashion and beauty blogs, magazines, or Insta feeds of fashion gurus? You may have sometimes wondered about all the effort, ideas, and people who made those images on social media and magazines so tempting. At times, the images and catalogs of fashion brands on their websites look so appetizing that many of us want to blow away our credit cards and buy everything. If you are still confused about the mystery behind this temptation, this blog is for you. We have explained why graphic design for the fashion industry is the backbone of advertising and sales and how it affects the fashion brand’s success.

Graphic Design for Fashion Industry: A Necessity!

Every fashion industry has a vision, an idea, behind its existence. That idea needs to be materialized by someone, and that’s where a graphic designer comes in. Many graphic designers start as interns or junior designers to work in the fashion industry. With time, they excel at what they do, and so does their designation, leading them to the top position of a head graphic designer.

The design world at large experiences a lot of the same trends. Hence, both of them are correlated. Fashion houses have marketing teams that need graphic designs. At the beginning of the collection, fashion designers consult the marketing team to know how they can translate the ideas and vision of the collection within the graphic design department. You may have noticed that the fashion collection and the marketing campaigns have similar color palettes, mood boards, and photography styles. Fashion designers and graphic designers have frequent communication to stay on the same page throughout the process of creation. At the end, when the collection is ready, they have a marketing campaign that reflects the inspiration of the initial collection.

Do you know what graphic design fashion is? You need custom thumbnails on Instagram when you launch your fashion collection or apparel line. Your web presence for e-commerce needs to be big with graphic design. They all entail CAD applications like Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, so if someone asks if graphic design is necessary for fashion design, it’s an absolute YES! Graphic design for the fashion industry is all about playing with the colors. We all know that colors evoke emotions. The fashion industry plays with colors to create a certain design, deliver a certain message, evoke a certain mood in the viewer or buyer, and even convey something important without using words.

Fashion designers and graphic designers follow the color theory to do all of their work. Color makes you feel confident, and it helps the collection stand out in the fashion industry. Colors work together in two categories, i.e., primary and secondary colors. Together they make the color wheel creating new tones, hues, and shades. The key is to use fewer colors because the more colors a designer use, the more complicated it gets to play around them. Contrast colors are the best for typography and text because the colors that do not contrast will be jarring to the eyes and eliminate the visual appeal. If you are working on a graphic design for the fashion industry, apparel line, or a new collection, understanding these key color rules will help you curate the perfect design and merchandise.

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Impact of Graphic Design on The Fashion Industry

impact of graphic design on the fashion industry

Who does not like to dress well? All of us do. Our outfit speaks about our fashion sense and taste. A report by Fashion United revealed that the fashion industry owns 4 percent of the total market shares in the US. It means that graphic design for the fashion industry drives businesses by creating new designs and inducing new ideas in campaigns. Design impacts the fashion industry in two ways, i.e., on the fashion business and customers.

  • Impact on Business

Graphic design for fashion brands is a prerequisite. Take Adidas as an example. Recently Adidas launched period-proof activewear for women. Their active wear and marketing campaign targeted athletic and active women. It was visible from the choice of colors of the gym armor, the style of the photo shoot, the backdrop, and the social media campaign. The excellent graphic design skills changed the reach of their campaign and made the gear popular even before its launch. The knack for creativity gives limitless ideas, and the fashion industry does not settle for less anymore. Inclusivity and unconventional graphic designs for the fashion industry are helping it grow and generate sales like never before. Graphic design in the fashion industry is made according to the liking of the masses; marketing campaigns are designed to align with their emotions.

  • Impact on Customers

Graphic design for the fashion industry has become culture-specific now. Fashion brands try to connect with the masses by creating graphic designs that resonate better with people. This is why you see a variation in the fashion industry worldwide. What attracts the people in the West might not attract the people in the East. Similarly, the choice of teens differs from what adults like to wear. The fashion industry has started to change according to changing trends of culture. It has largely impacted sales.

Graphic Design vs. Fashion Design

Does graphic design help in fashion design? Many people opt for graphic design because they want to be fashion designers. CAD applications are a necessity for both because you need graphic designs to deliver your ideas into apparel.

Fashion design is based on the trends and choices of people. Designers sketch their designs and then drape them on the mannequin to see real-time outfits rather than designing them virtually. Behind every designer is a vast team to help create the end product. On the other hand, a graphic designer is visually designing everything. Graphic design for the fashion industry is just a speck in a hay field. Fashion design mainly has hands-on production, whereas graphic design is visual creation.

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Fashion Industry Reliant Upon Graphic Designers

fashion industry reliant upon graphic designers

Graphic designers are the unsung heroes of the fashion industry. If you are a graphic designer working in the fashion line, you will be doing all the grunt work, especially if the company is in a city that has a garment district, like New York City. You may even run to stores to research new trims, fabrics, and notions. You may also be meeting with new potential suppliers and talking over new styles. In short, a graphic designer wears many hats while working in the fashion industry.

Graphic designers are behind every amazing image you see in the fashion industry. Without them, the fashion industry will fail to entice clients. If put right, graphic designers have mastered the art of seducing customers into buying from fashion giants. You can say that the better a graphic designer a brand has, the more it will generate positive ROI.


Graphic design for the fashion industry is all about introducing something fresh. As an integral part of the fashion industry, graphic design has raised expectations by producing something new every time. The competition among brands has become tougher and will continue to do so with time. Fashion trends keep on changing, and so does graphic design. Businesses must upgrade their design game to survive in this ever-evolving industry. If you are a fashion brand looking to hire GenZ designers, contact Arturo Back Office. We assure you that we will provide the trendiest and market-competitive designs to make your mark in this ever-growing industry.