15 funny graphic designer memes that designers can relate to

10+ Funny Graphic Designer Memes For Designers

Funniest Graphic Designer Memes to Cheer You Up

Take a break from work, minimize Photoshop and laugh at these hilarious and friendly graphic designer memes. Whether a freelancer or an in-house designer, you’ve likely encountered many frustrating situations in your career. Overdue invoices, unreasonable demands, and sneaky designers are just a few problems most graphic designers face regularly. These struggles are real, but sometimes we can have fun and try not to take them too seriously. Laughter is the best medicine. What better way to brighten up an unfortunate situation than with a fun graphic design meme?

Everyone in the creative field knows creativity is about taking possibilities to new, never-explored levels. It might be unbelievable, but it can also be quite funny sometimes. According to the artist, ideas don’t need logic. It would help if you had the passion behind it to make an idea work. Graphic designers are a particularly ‘’frustrating presence in the workplace, consistently underperforming according to their bosses and being overworked by others. It can be exhausting, with little to no direction, overloaded with useless content, or a handyman for your boss’s constant “two-minute” projects.

Often a worthless assignment is given. But it always wins by “popping,” as people say, “making the logo bigger.” Struggling to sell can be especially nasty. Because we rely on unlikely people from more conflicting fields, expecting their copy to arrive on the promised date and against the hope that it will arrive on the specified deadline, will someday lie in the future. in the past, not recently. To be a graphic designer, you not only need to learn from good art and design schools, but you need to learn and evolve constantly. Moreover, if the portfolio is not up to date, it is often not perceived as remarkable or fulfilling for the employer.

We have some humorous ones to enjoy if you are looking for graphic designer memes.

Caution: Some memes might spiral you into a mid-life crisis and make you question your work life. But it is normal because that’s exactly how a designer lives. If the feeling stays for more than a day, you must have a therapeutic session with some developer about their career choice. It will surely make you feel better.

Let’s break the monotony of boredom at work with these memes you can relate to.

  1. If you have used the Photoshop pen tool, you can relate to this graphic designer meme. Every graphic designer has gone through the pain of selecting curved paths or drawing. Even after all these years of designing, this tool is as painful as it was in the beginning.
funny graphic designer meme 1

Image Courtesy: Designhill

  1. This graphic designer meme is what the designer community has experienced. Everyone thinks we designers are eating and spilling dollars and have time to party all night. Who knows what goes on in the real life of the graphic designer? We barely have any hair left after all the client nagging.
funny graphic designer meme

Image Courtesy: Designmantic

  1. This graphic designer meme has the most classic struggles between the client and the designer. You may get lucky to have a nice client, but most think they know designing more than you. It would be nice if the clients trusted us and let us do our jobs independently, but not all dreams come true :’).
life of a graphic designer meme

Image Courtesy: Sainthoax

  1. Ahhh! The agony of waiting for the payment even though you did the work a year before. Why do clients love holding back the money? This mystery will remain even after our death. Still, hoping to get paid before the final breath.
life of a designer funny meme

Image Courtesy: Digital Synopsis

  1. This is the most typical graphic designer meme. Even if the world is on fire, design flow cannot stop. When the pandemic hit in 2020, many businesses met problems, but not in the design department. Graphic designers are masters of working remotely, serving clients from the comfort of our homes.

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the world right now funny graphic designer meme

Image Courtesy: Flux Academy

  1. Excuses, excuses, and more EXCUSES. Graphic designers deserve to get paid on time, but life is not always fair. Delayed and overdue payments are normal for the designer community, especially freelancers. But who cares about violating the terms of the contract?
funny graphic designer meme 2

Image Courtesy: Designhill

  1. Can someone please take us, graphic designers, seriously and let us do what we know best?
funny graphic designer meme

Image Courtesy: Google Images

  1. Wishing about getting the perfect and nicest client? All of us do. Graphic designers do not need a prince charming on a white horse but a sweet client. Yet we are far from the lucky day when we get a client who pays upfront, gives us creative freedom, and has a reasonable deadline.
so you want a client that funny graphic designer meme

Image Courtesy: Google Images

  1. Graphic designers everywhere. The only answer is graphic designing when you ask someone about their work.
you are a graphic designer funny meme

Image Courtesy: Designhill

  1. Looking for the funniest graphic designer meme that is relatable? Here you go—the endless loop of meetings and client proposals.

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your first design meeting funny meme

Image Courtesy: Designhill

  1. Want to know about something that never ends? You are right; it’s the designer’s portfolio. Laugh away the pain and tears with this funny graphic designer meme.
funny graphic designer meme

Image Courtesy: Designhill

  1. We are the master of Google. Want to know a shortcut? Just give us a text. Graphic designers are your one-stop Google Info person.
what years of designing has taught me

Image Courtesy: Google Images

  1. Microsoft is the archnemesis of every graphic designer because it truly tests our patience. We can’t help but curse this anomaly.
the life of a web designer

Image Courtesy: Google Images

  1. Every designer’s life in a nutshell: birth, name a file, rename a file, re-rename a file, continue, and death. Some projects never seem to end, and the revisions keep going. Who says that graphic designers live a happy life? Not us.
every designer in this world

Image Courtesy: Flux Academy

  1. What’s your relationship status? Graphic designer and SINGLE. I need not say more.
designer life funny graphic meme

Image Courtesy: Google Images

We know some of these funny graphic designer memes may have hit a little too close to home. It takes not one, not two, but many bad experiences to be a veteran graphic designer. No one can control how the client will act and when the payment is released. However, a designer can control his growth and niche. Value yourself and your work and become an expert at what you do. We hope these graphic design memes tickled your tummy and cheered you up at work. And if you are looking to hire a graphic designer for your business, hit us at Arturo Back Office, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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