A Perfect Eyelash Logo Design Makes Your Studio Rank Higher

A Perfect Eyelash Logo Design Makes Your Studio Rank Higher

Marketing and sales go hand in hand. Take Nike as an example. Their logo is the simplest there is. No text, nothing fancy, no pop of color. Just a little swoosh . Their logo is what gets them international recognition among other brands and boosts their sales. This is the power of a relevant logo.

A well-designed logo sticks to the brand as its core identity. Even the shortest glimpse of it can leave an everlasting impression in a customer’s mind. Nowadays, businesses focus more on the aesthetic appeal of the logo, especially in the cosmetic industry. It is an untold truth, the better the aesthetics of a brand’s logo and website, the better its service is.

Why Is A Good Lash Logo Design Vital for Eyelash Brand?

2021 was spent focusing on the light at the end of the COVID-19-struck dark tunnel. During this chaos, many fashion and beauty trends took over. Be it the pop of color eye makeup, organic masks, nigh-time skincare ritual, or getting lash extensions. We had it all, and everyone experimented their hearts out.

During that period of social isolation, many of us wandered through online shopping portals and cosmetic service-providing websites just to know what they were offering or had in stock without the intention to buy something. Somehow, many of us ended up ordering a thing or two. Did it make you wonder why you opened that website in the first place? Probably the appealing logo, product, and brand name.

To help you know more about it, we have made a list of famous eyelash extension spas and salons with their distinct lashes logo designs and their impact on the clientele.

1. Bella Lash

Bella lash is paving the way for lash extension artist queens to take the beauty industry by storm. Hence, the crown logo. The lashes logo design portrays prestige and trust in the brand towards its clients. The crown in the lashes logo design mimics passion and power while being confident in being a serious player in the business. The minimal design with perfect symmetry signifies its strength and space to evolve with future trends.

2. Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli

Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli

Xtreme lashes represent a dramatic transformation into youth by keeping the lash game strong. The X in the lashes logo design has a hair symbol representing eyelash, brow, hair perfection, protection, and growth. This distinguishes it from other eyelash logo competitors because it cannot be limited to just eyelash extensions. Xtreme lashes believe in natural or synthetic healthy lashes to make them last indefinitely. Its simplicity makes the logo dynamic and strong.

3. Live Love Lash

Live and love while flaunting those perfect lashes. The dots in the word LASH are inspired by the vanity lights revealing that the brand is meant for flashy and high-end products. It’s modern yet synchronous with flashy trends and surely catches the eye of any potential customer. Live and Love are written in bold, whereas Lash is written with a black outline and negative space within. This variation breaks the static visual of the wordmark.

4. Lash Out Loud Extensions

The logo of Lash Out Loud is everything girly and pink. This is a very smart move to capture the attention of its target audience, i.e., girls. The cursive font reflects its artistic nature, and the brand name is screaming to the girls out there to feel bold and beautiful in how they look and show off their long lashes. The hexagons surrounding the logo are a symbol that the brand is multi-dimensional.

5. Cherry Lash

Universally, the cherry is a symbol of beauty, femininity, and eroticism. Cherry lash has innovatively used cherry in a semi-circle, aka ‘C,’ representing duality and flexibility in their lashes logo design. Moreover, they represent their brand as a place where one can come and feel sexy, and rightfully so because they are located in Las Vegas.

6. Primp

Primp Logo Design

Primp is a lash and beauty boutique marketing everything about grooming and self-care. A perfect place to feel good and beautiful about yourself. Their lashes logo design is simple, futuristic, and sophisticated. The logo is written in navy blue in ‘Carolyna Pro Black’ font.

7. House of Lashes

The simple and minimal lashes logo design of House of Lashes conveys modern minimalism. The contrast of blocked and cursive letters in the logo portrays the transition and depth of their services. The trendy acronym HOL, where the letter L ends with a curvy lash, shows that they are committed to providing top-notch consultation and service to clients with the trendiest lash treatments, up-to-date products, and tech.

8. Lash Pop Lashes

Lash Pop Lashes have the funkiest and most innovative logo because they have a lollipop in their lashes logo design. One may wonder about the relevance of lollipops and eyelashes and curiously visit the website to see what they are selling. They sell their lashes in a LOLLIPOP container. Kudos to their design and marketing team. Thinking out of the box is what gets a brand’s attention and eventually increases sales. And Lash Pop Lashes is successfully cashing out the curious nature of people.

9. Lash Touch

Last Touch is as vibrant as New York city itself. Their lashes logo design is proof of that, i.e., flash and exclusive. The lash extending out from the letter T defines beauty and art. This is what Lash Touch offers; beauty. The gives a retro vibe, making it nostalgic for the customers as they reminisce about old New York City.

10. Lilac St.

The lashes logo design of Lilac St. is simple and chic. The minimal wordmark LILAC ST. in black and bold ‘Sans Serif’ font. They have also incorporated a very simple symbol of an eyelash container. The simplicity of their logo speaks about how simple and smooth the purchasing process is from their website. Moreover, the customers can buy and apply lash extensions at home in mere minutes. Yet again, it is proved that Simple is Better.

If you have come this far, you may have understood how a logo reflects the nature of any brand and plays a very big role in marketing a brand. If you are a cosmetic fanatic looking forward to establishing your eyelash extension brand, we are one step away and the right choice. You need a strong brand identity to penetrate the already fast-evolving market competition, and we at Arturo Back Office are experts at developing a contemporary yet engaging brand presence.