15 Best Websites to Download Icons for Website Designs 2022

15 Best Websites to Download Icons for Website Designs 2023

In a digitally advanced era where there is great emphasis on one’s digital presence, it’s imperative to use effective icons for website design. Users dislike some icons. They complain that the icon is not appealing and rather ugly. The primary explanation is that these icons for website design break one or more important design principles. You may build icons that users will unquestionably appreciate by using the advice in this blog, helping you avoid blunders. All forms of icons can be created using the concepts which apply to both website and application icons.

As you can visually represent each phase in a process, icons are frequently used in explanations. They assist the visual separation and comprehension of the things they include and aid in our ability to comprehend each step of a process visually. An icon’s main goal is to provide precise visual information without becoming overbearing. An icon must possess specific characteristics to complete this assignment successfully. The simplest possible icons should contain all the necessary information to convey the message. The many icon models that have already gained widespread acceptance among the general public must be considered.

Here we have a list of some of the best websites to download icons for website designs.

15 Best Platform For Icons For Website Design In 2023

1. Iconfinder

Iconfinder provides more than 50,000 icon packs and 4,285,063 SVG icons. You can quickly recolor, edit, and modify icons with online icon editors. There are numerous file formats for icons, including PNG, SVG, AI, CSH, ICO, ICNS, and BASE 64. Iconfinder offers both cost-free and premium plan icons. Icon downloads can be carried over to the following subscription month by the user. You can get a first-month subscription plan at a 30% discount.

2. The Noun Project

The Noun Project is a group of designers from more than 120 nations who created icons that have become some of the most widely used tools for communicating across linguistic and cultural barriers. They have you covered whether you’re looking for icons for Beyoncé, UI elements, or Artificial Intelligence.

On the detail page for each symbol, license details are displayed. Any symbol can be enlarged by clicking on it. To avoid attributing, you can pay with a NounPro subscription, pre-paid credit, or a one-time $2.99 payment.

3. Flaticon

FreePik has a partnership with the website Flaticon. This search engine’s best feature is that it only returns “free and commercially available” icons. What a fantastic thing! Additionally, the icons discovered contain vector and common graphics files that designers can use as you download them. Even if it is for personal use, the product must have the attribution added to be used for free. It is essential to obtain a license for commercial use.

4. Icon8

The website was once intended as a free source offering free icons for website design. The Icons8 website currently offers free high-definition images, free vector drawings, free audio usage, and free icons. Additionally, they include a powerful icon editing feature that lets you freely change an icon’s color, add text, etc.

Additionally, you may modify the icon’s background, size, position, and form directly from the browser. When you click the “Incorporate HTML” button, several embed methods will be offered if you need to embed icons into websites and programs. Whether used commercially or not, icons may be used without charge with a link to icon8. Please be aware that selling and giving original icon files to third parties is not permitted.

5. Freebiesbug

Freebiesbug icon website

Free PSD icons are created and made available by gifted designers. The website offers a lot of freeware Photoshop-specific stuff, as the name suggests. The icons are used for private projects. However, because each author’s needs differ, check before using it for commercial applications.

6. Squid Ink

Are you looking to download an attractive icon for website design? 2000 icons in 17 categories are provided in 5 different formats by Squid Ink, allowing you to quickly modify the colors or layer styles, move, and resize each element and layer. Fifty icons are available for free use in both personal and business projects.

7. Oxygenna

A creative design agency focusing on web and mobile app development is called Oxygenna. They offer free tools that designers can use to improve their productivity. These fantastic, cost-free materials for graphic design are freely downloadable and come in PNG, Photoshop, and Illustrator formats. Use them any way you’d like on any projects, whether they’re for yourself or a business.

8. Find Icons

You may locate free icons for website design using the icon search engine; Find Icons. They are rumored to offer the most extensive searchable collection of free icons in the entire globe, complete with search filters and result matching to make your design process easier.

Although the search engine has an old-fashioned, traditional appearance, I’m sure some designers prefer this icon design aesthetic. Please check the usage before downloading since each license usage is mentioned on each symbol.

9. GraphicBurger

GraphicBurger icon website

A website called GraphicBurger provides the public with high-quality design resources at no cost. Even particular PSD files to change each icon may be found here. Do not overlook GraphicBurger if you’re looking for amazing icons!

All materials on GraphicBurger may be downloaded for free, including but not limited to Logo Mockups, Product Mockups, Text Effects, Icons, User Interfaces, Illustrations, and Background Images. They can be used in private and public projects without royalties.

Although giving credit or linking back to this website is unnecessary, it would be greatly appreciated.

10. Icomoon App

IcoMoon is working to create and offer the best iconography and icon management application for perfectionists. The icons for the website design were all created using an exact pixel grid. You may create and use your icon packs with the IcoMoon app in various forms, including SVG, Polymer, PDF, XAML, CSH, icon fonts with ligatures, and good ol’ PNG/CSS sprites.

You can go to the license link for each icon. IcoMoon offers three additional premium icon packs in addition to these three free ones, but they must each be purchased separately. You can create icon fonts (a font containing icons as its glyphs), import your own icons, make basic edits to these icons, download them, or create icons in SVG, Polymer, PDF, XAML, PNG, and CSS sprites.

11. Premium Pixel

Premium pixels have free icons for website design chosen by professionals from various high-quality free resources. It also includes many interface icon packages explicitly designed for beginners if you don’t know what to pick. How considerate! All resources are freely available with few restrictions.

12. Iconshock

For their Iconshock platform, Unusual Minds, who have been in graphic designing for over a decade, have amassed over 2 million unique icons. In addition to having a collection of 2 million icons, Iconshock focuses on creating unique designs. Favourites like Material, iOS, Flat, Modern, and many others come to mind. You can download only one symbol or the entire set of icons.

Not only are some of the world’s top magazines featuring their work, but some of the most widely used software. This website would be at the top of the list if there were any actual icon design pioneers. They regularly publish new icons for website design because they are extremely productive designers. They not only incorporate their icons into commercial programs but also into free graphic design applications, enabling even their less skilled coworkers to access premium materials.

13. Streamline Hq

You will always be able to locate the ideal icon for your projects here in Streamline, thanks to its remarkable selection of themes and 12 unique style options. You can find 100,000 icons, drawings, and emojis for all your projects. The streamline team created everything from scratch, which can all be searched using their app or plugin for Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD. Free use permitted with attribution

14. Iconfactory

The fact that you can download these icons for website design for free and typically only need to provide an attribution link anywhere on your website counts the most. In addition, you can use these symbols for commercial projects.

Iconfactory strongly focuses on gaming-related icons, many of which have considerably more intricate designs than the typical typeface icons or web icons. It’s a fantastic resource you may occasionally peruse in hopes of finding inspiration for whatever creative project you’re working on. I would wholeheartedly suggest these symbols to everyone!

15. IconArchive

IconArchive is also a search engine for many different kinds of content. It has a lot of comic patterns with different kinds of themes in addition to interface buttons and other texture-style icons for website design. IconArchive is unique in that it offers Up and Downvoting to enhance search results and allows you to arrange your results by color. You can easily gather, arrange, and share your favorite icons here.


By now, you must know all the websites from where you can easily download a website designing icon. However, if you wish to outsource your website design to a one-stop solution that would develop icons for your website design and work on your complete UI and UX experience, hire Arturo Back Office. Their team of experts is known for their creativity and ability to meet deadlines. They not only go the extra mile but also come up with aesthetically appealing and innovative designs that help create a brand identity.