fuel your inspiration with best graphic banner design ideas

Fuel Your Inspiration with Best Graphic Banner Design Ideas

The evolution of the digital world is unprecedented. With every passing day, new tools, designs, and software are launched to keep the content engaging for the people. Graphic banner design is also a part of digital evolution. Banner layouts and designs hugely impact the website, create brand awareness, and increase the number of users and visitors.

Creating creative banner designs for main social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, is a widely used advertising method using the internet. Appealing banner layouts portray the credibility of the brand. It reflects the brand’s high value and quality and impacts customers’ choices.

Graphic banner designs increase marketing efficiency on social media. Before designing a graphic banner, the most important factor is knowing the platform and your audience. Narrow down your audience and their preferences. If you are making a graphic banner design for people who love sports, use an image of a game, an athlete, or the Olympics instead of bananas!

If you can’t think of any other ideas or have lost track of your social media design planner, this blog is what you need. Take notes with these amazing graphic banner design ideas for your next banner layout.

20 Best Graphic Banner Design Ideas in 2022

1. Specify Layout & Dimensions

The dealbreaker for any website is its graphic banner design and layout. Sketch out your idea on paper and transfer it to Illustrator or Photoshop. Specify all the elements you want in the web or social media banner. Add enticing elements to attract the audience. The next step is to specify the dimensions. It depends on the platform you are designing the banner for, i.e., Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram.

2. Use Custom Font

Adding custom fonts in the graphic banner design is a cherry on top. Custom fonts may even become part of your brand’s identity later on. You can even find new fonts at Google Fonts.

3. Add Business Goals

add business goals

Visually entice people by showing what the brand aims at. Add the important details about your business with images. Tell the people what you offer and what you want to achieve. Add a learn more or about us section for the readers.

4. Use Captive Imagery

A picture is worth a thousand words. This saying applies everywhere. For example, if you are a food business, add food pictures in the graphic banner design and give the audience a taste of your dining experience. Avoid adding too much text and add meaningful images instead.

5. Use Photo Effects

Multiple photo editing apps, professional tools, and software are available to enhance and manipulate images. Play with the effects to transform dull images into extraordinary ones.

6. Add Overlaying Text Blocks

Adding text over photos in a graphic banner design may seem crammed up. You can use text blocks to emphasize the text and create a contrast between the image and the text.

7. Add Layers

While crafting a graphic banner design, use innovative ideas. Try something unconventional, like adding layers. Find images that reflect your brand’s identity and services and add typography layers over them. The trick is to make a cohesive and seamless banner.

8. Use Photo Collage

use photo collage

Instead of adding multiple single images, you can design a photo collage or make a portfolio. This works best for photographers. In a photo collage, you can show all of your best work. Tying the collage with a graphic logo of your brand gives it a professional look.

9. Use Minimalist Approach

Simplicity is the best approach to bring the attention of a larger audience. Use minimal background with bold font or a minimal font with a striking background in the banner.

10. Add Exciting Visuals

Add animations, illustrations, photos, and videos that resonate with your brand image. Showcase your portfolio and let the visuals speak for your work.

11. Add Logo & Slogans

Adding a logo and brand slogan to your graphic banner design is necessary. It brings recognition to the brand. You can even print banners for the brand launch and events.

12. Add Self-Portrait

Adding your face to your brand can help you communicate with people.

13. Use Attention Grabbing Colors

A pop of color catches the eye. Before making a graphic design banner, decide on the color palette you want to be the brand identity.

14. Use Contrasting Colors

Create color contrasts to make a unique banner layout. The light and dark color palettes of the backdrop, images, and text create the perfect contrast.

15. Add Icons

Icons can be used as design tools in graphic banner design. Adding icons to the creative banner designs saves time. In-house shoots and making illustrations take time and focus. Icons can be customized easily and give a different touch to the banner.

16. Use Impactful Font

Make a statement with the right font for your website banner layout. The font style has a strong impact on the brand personality. Try to be more fun and creative while choosing the font.

17. Add Text Effects

Think out of the box. Grab attention using text effects in the banner design. Create a dynamic and unexpected banner layout for the website.

18. Use Unconventional Text Design

Stay out of the league and be unique. Encourage the designer to play with fun and unconventional styles and fonts to create dimension and depth to the graphic banner design.

19. Use Repetition & Variation

Repetition creates importance. Help the reader understand the brand goals and aims by repeating the core values. Add layers to the repetition of text and imagery to create variation and pattern in the design.

20. Add a Quote

Add a meaningful and relatable quote to the graphic banner design. It sets the mood and helps in engagement with the customer.


Designing a graphic banner is one of the top ways of content monetization. If you aspire to be a graphic designer, this is the best time to experiment with designing tools and create a strong portfolio with high-quality and unique logos, banners, and other designs. And if you are looking for a design team to create a strong visual identity for your brand, hire Arturo Back Office. Our team will prove they can handle all your brand design problems in a jiffy.